Sunday, November 11, 2007

Opening doors

This image of the San Isidro Labrador convent in Siquijor as viewed from the doorway of the church of Lazi fits my thoughts as of this moment: 

- I'm concerned whenever news of development comes to island-provinces like Siquijor as it can be detrimental instead of beneficial. But in this case, if the Siquijanons would never waver in their concern for the environment, then development can be balanced with prudence. In the short time that we made chit-chat, Emely, the owner of Casa dela Playa and recently re-elected as barangay officer in Sandugan, Larena town, told me of some interesting developments.

One: American investors are interested in developing Camp Bandilaan, the highest point of the island where right now, the 360 degree view is obscured by overgrowth. I guess development ain't bad if there is check and balance.

Two: the port has been expanded to accommodate true roll on, roll off vehicles. This is amazing since I've visited only about 3 months ago and this was just being started. Hopefully, this can bring in visitors from nearby Dumaguete and Bohol.


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