Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Siquijor V.2 - Day 04: Peaking at Bandilaan

Since we’re already in the vicinity, we figured we might as well go from under the mountain to the top. Sayang, the view up at the watch tower can be a 360 degree, breathtaking vista of the whole island, weren’t it for the thick tree growth. learned from Emely, the affable owner of Casa dela Playa, that the Americans are interested in developing Camp Bandilaan and rehabilitating the place. Now, that would be an interesting development to watch out for. We scampered home in the growing darkness, missing out on sunset shooting but there were clouds obscuring the horizon anyway. 

tidbit: Mt. Bandilaan, at nearly 600 meters, is the island’s highest point. Hikers would appreciate the trail through old growth forest while other guests can take the easy way to the summit via motorcycle or 4 wheel drive vehicle.


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