Saturday, December 1, 2007

Silip, sulyap

It's ironic to find myself pounding the pavement of malls on a long weekend when I ought to be hiking somewhere in the Cordilleras right at this very moment, savoring the breeze, shooting the mountain views. But with the very recent incident in Makati and the curfew that went with it didn't allow me to go to scheduled return to Sagada. Sigh. It's been two years since I was last there. and with the December weekends all filled up with reunions and parties, I guess maybe i can try again next year. I was mixing my brewed coffee in SM Mall of Asia a while back, imagining I was in Sagada fixing myself a mug of brewed coffee leaving a trail of smoke in the cool air. Sigh again. I'm really not a mall person so pardon my rambling.

And oh, field-testing my lens and filters would have to wait. My fingers are itching to shoot anew, my feet are eager to hike. There's a window of a long break this coming Christmas-new year interim. Ah, to where, I still haven't figured out. Image taken at one of the treehouses in Tulapos Sanctuary, Siquijor


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