Friday, January 18, 2008

50,000 plus and counting

If you'd ask me 3 years ago if I expected anything like being hooked into photography and making a small living off it, I would've probably shrugged it off. But here I am, as my flickr status indicates, having some 3,000+ pictures in my archives and meriting some 50,000 views. along the way, I've made acquaintances and friends, picked up a lot of learnings, Notched considerable mileage flying and commuting, and gone through four cameras already -- from my trusty Nikon 5100 Coolpix to my first DSLR, a d70 I nicknamed Sev. Last year,  I was using a D80 nicknamed Di-et. Now, I'm a proud owner of R2, a D200. Pretty heady, how fast I've evolved, even I can't believe it especially considering I nearly quit photography and blogging last year. Btw, my Coolpix is still working (even I am surprised). You can say I'm a Nikonian thru and thru (though i use a Canon 400D at the office).


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