Monday, January 14, 2008

Fish talk

Those who love to fish would probably howl in protest. Just want to share this sign i found in Marvin's Inn, Biliran. Considering that a lot of the people, especially in Caibiran, fish for a living, it must mean the Biliran fishermen don't mind a bit of fishy humor.


Anonymous said...

Hehe. Funny saying there. Fisherman's joke lang naman. :P

lagal[og] said...

hahaha, actually, natawa ako nung nakita ko ito. pati spelling ng fisherman nga, dapat plural :-D

Eric said...

Sounds absurd and insulting....anyway,its just a joke.
Oggie,ok lang yung fisherman na spelling dahil considerably plural na rin yun.....unsolicited comment lang e2.

lagal[og] said...

eric, it is indeed, a joke, considering i found it in a place where a lot of people fish for a living. won't dwelve into the grammar save for the fact that kung singular yung subject (fisherman) dapat kasi the verb should have an s (dies). hahaha, thanks for the comment bro and happy new year.


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