Monday, January 14, 2008

Post-trip notes on my Biliran trip

I'm a simple fellow and i'm really happy about the feedback i got from my Biliran captures and posts. I just like to put into writing some things people ask about the province. 

SAFETY ISSUES like I've heard a couple of times about Biliran's reputation for robbery and hold-ups. Wasn't able to stay on the island long enough to verify this but according to some locals I talked to, it can be unsafe to travel through the interior roads during the late afternoons and evenings. It's unfortunate that the province has this lingering reputation because honestly, the place has tremendous tourism potential. 

ROADWORTHY Tthe roads, especially on the interior parts, require a lot of paving and improvement but then again, this has appeal to the more adventurous tourist. IMHO, the attractions (waterfalls and numerous mountains dotting the island, which are many considering that Biliran is the fourth smallest province in the philippines) far outweigh the disadvantages. It's so good that i intend to come back soon to explore more of the island. Enough said. Image captured at Iyusan Terraces, Biliran Island


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