Saturday, January 5, 2008

Biliran: Day 1 - Final stop at Kasanggan

Our early start nearly prompted me to call it a day just after lunch when we chanced upon Kasanggan Falls in Balaquid town. Just when I thought the roads can't get any rougher, here's a rough stretch of roads out there in the rice fields that made my habal-habal driver nearly jump out into the tall grasses. Just volunteered to walk the last kilometer to avoid mishap. the so-called monkey trail, which was built above the terrain to make navigating the place easier, was closed. Had to wade in the water as far as i can safely go with my gear. The falls was just okay.  But walking back to the jump-off point, chanced upon this scenery. The view just took my breath and fatigue away, what with Calumbijan Island framed by palm trees swaying in the soft breeze.  It's enough to turn one poetic.


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