Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Iloilo-Guimaras trip Day 3 - Exploring Nagarao the morning after

After a rainy day (and night), got no glorious sunshine but woke up early nevertheless hoping for a hint of a fair weather day. Dozing off again for an hour, had breakfast ably served by the ever-attentive Emma before going around the island. We all found the rocky shores as great subjects, even more so perhaps in the summer season. Ahh, something to come back for. Going inland on the trails, some dense with undergrowth, the birds are merrily chirping, breaking the often-deafening silence and the howling of the wind. Too bad, we only stayed overnight and the weather permitted us but a glimpse of what this wonderful island off the Guimaras mainland can offer. 

Boyet, our sundo, was on time to fetch us at 10am. the almost 40 minute boatride back to sabang was even rougher than the previous day. The swells tossed our banca like a toy and splashed water all over. Talk about getting a salt bath. Good thing my camera, lenses and image viewer were all in the drybag. Our multicab driver, Larry, was also on time to fetch us so we can make it to Jordan by lunch. The rough, undulating ride over land was like a continuation of our rollercoaster boat ride - certainly not for the easily seasick.

After lunch at Ted's Oldtimer batchoy in Valeria, we found Eros Pension house for a clean-up. Then, it's off to Molo to buy pasalubongs at the Biscocho Haus (funny that we ventured far when there are Biscocho Haus branches scattered in the vicinity). 

TRIP INFO: Multicabs for hire cost P600 for the trip from Jordan-Sabang or vice-versa; each can carry around 8-10 pax; trip takes about an hour • Bancas from Sabang to Nagarao or vice-versa cost around P700, round-trip • Bring your Smart sim as the Globe signal dips and falters on the island


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