Sunday, March 9, 2008

Clowning around

As the cliche goes, everybody loves a clown. Being the clown that I am, why do I often get the feeling that I can make almost everybody happy but me. (Image of miniature clown faces taken with Nikkor 60mm micro AF. Toying around with this lens last Sunday since it might get stuck up in my drybox because of lack of use)


escape said...

hmmm... at least you get to make people laugh. by the way I check your blog almost everyday. one of the really good blog.

Sidney said...

It looks like prehistoric statues... a bit scary!

Travis said...

I love this photo. It is almost spooky. The lighting is a neat affect.

I try to stop by often. I really enjoy your blog. Keep us the good work.

Oman said...

"why do i often get the feeling that i can make almost everybody happy but me"

pare, mahirap talaga patawanin ang sarili. Sige nga kilitiin mo nga sarili mo kung matawa ka.

kiddin' aside, you made us (your readers and fans) happy with your photos, so if it is any consolation, i guess the thought of being appreciated will certainly make you happy.

keep it up!!!

lagal[og] said...

thanks dong, sidney, oman and travis.

sidney & travis, i haven't been shooting lately so yesterday, i experimented with my clown faces with a macro lens. the 2.8 aperture made the other faces softly defocused so that only the middle set is sharp to give it an almost spooky effect. glad you liked it.

oman, that one made me laugh out hard. i really have no idea what i do has any profound effect on my readers but it surely makes me feel good if it does.

Anonymous said...

Uy ganda ng picture at drama (nung picture. hehe)

Sabi sayo mag compile ka na ng corny jokes mo at papatok yun pag ginawang libro. Ang title "Libro ng Payaso" hehe.

lagal[og] said...

bai, i'll probably heed your advice :-). mukhang bebenta nga yung corny clown jokes. hanap na ako ng publisher, hahaha.

on the other hand, it takes another payaso to know one, hahahahaha


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