Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Manila Ocean Park - Something makes me blue

Didn't have my prime lens when we went to the Manila Ocean Park sneak preview and even with a VR lens, it was pretty hard to shoot the fast-moving sharks even with a wide open aperture and no tripod.  But I think I managed to come home with some keepers like this one as the blur added to the drama, evoking a painting-like quality. 

One other thing, I'm adding a watermark/label on every image I post from hereon (as much as I hate doing it).I ronwulf called my attention to a site that used our images and his video without requesting permission. I usually don't mind other people using my images as long as they comply with the note on the sidebar: please ask permission first. To whoever is the webmaster of the site:, please respect other people's rights; at the very least, you could've asked permission first as my posts accept comments and I've explicitly stated my email address on this blog. Or you could've credited the images and videos to their respective owners.


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