Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Roxas trip, Day 5 – Finding Moro Tower

What the Barangay Nipa folks weren’t able to point out to us, Hannibal was able to lead us to. The Moro Tower may be in ruins, with vegetation threatening to totally obscure whatever little remains of the structure, but the cliff offers a magnificent view of the two coves that fringe it. The statue of the Christ built on top of the cliff seems to bid seafarers bon voyage. Heard that the cliff land is up for sale and I thought out loudly that it would make an excellent, small bed and breakfast, notwithstanding the climb along the trail overgrown with grass. 

We came back later in the evening to try and nightshoot there in lieu of the pier (not allowed without permission of the Coast Guard) but of all nights, it turned out to be very cloudy. Oh well. but I’m not one to complain as I’ve made a friend of my habal-habal driver, Mang Ped, who used to take up photography in school. We made a lot of kwentos – from aswangs to photography – while waiting for my camera to process the long-exposure images, right there on top of the cliff, unmindful of the darkness and the mosquitoes. If only for that, the extra trip was worth it.


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