Monday, April 28, 2008

Ahoy for ahon

As can be glaringly obvious, your Lagalog has been staying put for the last month or so against his best wishes LOL. Which is ok because it gives me time to see some worthwhile things to get into like this foundation, Ahon (which stands for Acts of HOpe for the Nation). I'm from the old school who loves to read more than watch. It is one of my dreams to set up a public library for kids with my collection of used but still intact books (as much as i hate parting with them; fellow bookworms would understand the strong sentimental attachment) to somehow bring back the love for reading which i grew up on.S o it's a wonderful act of serendipity to find this idea already in place. I'm in no way connected with this foundation but I'm blogging about it because I believe its worthy cause. got books you don't read anymore, gathering dust somewhere (or heaven forbid, becoming fodder for roaches)? Give the gift of learning. Give to AHON foundation; 3/F Topy's Place, Industria cor. Economia Sts., Bagumbayan, Quezon City; Landline: 683.0262 loc. 106/109; email: 

thanks to pau of seair for letting me discover this worthy cause.


escape said...

i'm also attached with my books. just lately i was looking for books entitled "The Three Investigators" it's a series similar to the "Hardy Boys". I grew up reading it along with Hardy Boys and other classic like Huckleberry, Count of Monte Cristo and more.

and luckily i found one copy of the Three Investigators in Recto. So I bought it.

i would want to give some books but sadly it's all in the province and i have no plans yet of going home.

but one way to help them is by at least promoting it to my friends.

thanks to this. every kid deserves a worthy story and a lesson to be learned.

lagal[og] said...

thanks dominic. pareho tayo, i've got a lot more books in our family's house in tondo but i don't really know their condition. i grew up reading a lot. there are some books that would be hard for me to part with though for a worthy cause, i would. even in the age of e-books and internet, i think books would always have a place in every kid's heart. or make that kid-at-heart :-D

Sidney said...

To be honest I am too attached to my books to give them away...even for a noble cause!

Anyway I think what we need is cheap internet connections and computers in libraries, schools and barangays.
The world is than a fingertip away!

lagal[og] said...

hahaha, sidney, i know the feeling. as i've written, it takes a fellow bookworm to know how it feels. i agree with the internet connections you wrote about. it's just that sometimes, it's not workable given the far-flung areas where electricity is not always available or not available at all.


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