Monday, April 7, 2008

Lost in the Reader's Digest omission

I'm not normally a complainer.  I'm a live and let live person. But being a loyal Reader's Digest reader since I was in grade school, I can't help but be terribly disappointed by the obvious omission of the Philippines in the "First Class Asia" article featured in the April 2008 issue of the Asian Edition. I got so peeved that I wrote an email to the editors, which I'm hoping they'll be fair enough to publish. If this country offers nothing to compare with its Asian neighbors, I'll probably accept the fact sitting down but that simply isn't true. To wit, we're part of the Coral Triangle along with Indonesia and Malaysia. The two were mentioned as diving havens but we were not. In fact, in the 7-page special section on travel, the Philippines wasn't mentioned AT ALL. I always thought the Reader's Digest presented its stories fairly and accurately. This article seems to prove that belief wrong. If you care enough to point out this omission, why not email and give the editors a piece of your mind?


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