Thursday, April 10, 2008

Picture featured: Digtal Camera Magazine UK

It's been a heady week -- hectic weekend of freelance work spilling into the workweek; one of my brothers is in the hospital and still under observation; a hectic workweek; some disappointments on personal matters -- that honestly, I really need a picker-upper, something to somehow alleviate this feeling of brewing frustration and being overwhelmed. So this piece of news comes as a really pleasant surprise -- being considered for the Digital Camera Magazine UK Readers Photo of the Day. I may not made it as the main feature but seeing my clown macro capture on the home page and getting neat comments from UK readers really put a big smile on my face. Thank you Digital Camera Mag for the privilege. Of course, a big thank you! to the Man Upstairs.

THANKS DOMINIC, ARLENE, ESTAN & FERDZ. in the same token, i would like to thank dominic of for featuring me on his bloggurs. i never really thought of anybody being interested in featuring me in anything :-) so this comes as a big surprise, really. i really appreciate the support and the kind words of dom, arlene and one of my blog idols from the time i got started on blogging, si bai estan. in all honestly, i don't really know if this blog really has an audience which made me consider closing it last quarter of last year. what estan wrote me then made me think and reconsider so i owe you a lot bai. and of course, si ferdz who has been supportive all along. salamat bai!


the donG said...

astig!!! now that's another good news bro! congratulations! yan talaga ang nagagawa ng mga inspired na photographers. kelan lang nang pinost mo yang picture dito sa blog.

and for featuring you, it was my pleasure. si oggie ba naman ang na feature ko.

we're proud of you bro. meet tayo minsan.

estan said...

makahilak man pud ko ana bai! hehehe...

anyway, thanx for the mention. i never thought that it made a good impact. just continue with what you are doing bai. i like your travels and insights and your kind of photography.

by the way, you're racking up accolades! congrats!

Random Ramblings said...

congratulations oggie!!

don't you ever dare (even again consider) closing your blog because it is one of the best photoblogs i have ever seen. honestly.

personally, your photos "speak" to my soul. there is something inside me that feels good just by looking at your pictures. i am sure others feel the same.

relax, keep your heads up, and be happy. you are doing the Lord's work.

..and hope your brother gets well soon too...

lagal[og] said...

dominic, sure bro. meet tayo minsan :-)

estan, daghan salamat! will be honored to meet and shoot with you soon.

arlene, thank you very, very much.

lino said...

uy congrats bro! romans 8:28 is my favorite verse, no matter what happens, God has a purpose... :) cheer up bro. :)

Sidney said...

Congrats! Nice to see that you get the recognition that you deserve!
Keep up the good work and at the same time you do a good job promoting the Philippines as a tourist destination.

Hope your brother will recover soon!

Ferdz said...

Tama na Blog! hahaha Joke!

Hope your brother's doing fine now. What I liked about your photos like some people say is that they have stories in each picture. Tuloy tuloy lang, baka sa international ka na dalhin nyan.

lagal[og] said...

sidney, thanks a lot for the comment. i really, really appreciate it. and thanks for the well-wishes for my brother.

bai ferdz, coming from you, the comments take on more meaning. i really appreciate your words of encouragement bro. sana nga, magdilang-anghel ka :-) because i'm asking for signs from above what to do next :-D

it's really funny and bittersweet when i hear from all of you kasi it seems you have more faith in me than i have for myself.

lagal[og] said...

bro, thanks nga pala. sorry, i didn't see your comment earlier. salamat sa quote at sa mga dasal. i really appreciate it.

Lori said...

congratulations! hope your brother will get well soon.

lagal[og] said...

hi lori. thanks for the congrats and the prayers for my brother. he's recovering at home na but still has a long way to go.

allan said...

Congrats on being featured bai! I hope your brother gets well soon.

lagal[og] said...

thanks bai!

Anonymous said...

grabe, i'm so proud of you!!!

my dream is to get featured in the UK counterpart!!!



Anonymous said...

digital camera pala... no local counterpart... hahahahhaha



lagal[og] said...

hahaha, thanks din :-) onga, i'm trying out for magazines with no local counterparts na, hahaha


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