Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wild about Into the Wild

I must admit I don't watch a lot of movies.I 'm from the old school, more of a reader than a moviegoer. But this is one title I made a point of watching and featuring in this corner. I thought the movie was gut-wrenching and illuminating, a celebration of life more than a tale of tragedy. Chris Mccandless may appear young, reckless and misguided but IMHO, underneath the veneer of youthful imprudence lies a wounded soul turning to nature to somehow heal this woundedness. 

Inspite of the creative license scenes (like the realization that he maybe eating poisonous wild potatoes) and the NatGeo-worthy 360 degree shots, I highly recommend the movie to everyone, and most especially, nature lovers. I find a lot of myself in Chris and while I wished he exercised a bit more caution, I really admire his guts and his commitment to his dream (and as Sidney pointed out, to follow his dream to the end). Now, I've got to look for the book by Jon Krakauer.


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