Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rain on my parade shoot

I missed last year's Aliwan Festival and was about to miss this year's edition but two friends, Ferdz and Red, texted me early on. Feeling lazy but also eager to shoot after a month of not even touching my camera, I got to the assembly near Rizal Park to a drizzle that quickly turned into a squall. Good thing I decided to seek shelter at the Chowking branch in front of the Museo Pambata. But all was not lost as the rains allowed me to get reacquainted with two friends, old and (relatively) new.

Sir John Cchua also seeked shelter at Chowking and with the restaurant packed, I got to share a table and catch up with this institution in Philippine photography. It amazes me that he always remember me whenever we meet even though the last time I worked with him on an advertising project was ages ago. The bonus was, he even treated me to a free halo-halo while waiting for the rains to abate. Thank you Sir John. My hats off to you for your kindness.

With the grey skies and impending darkness making photography tricky, I decided to meet up with my good friend, ironwulf, at Robinsons-Ermita to watch a movie and grab a bite afterwards. Then, it was kuwentuhan and huntahan until the midnight hour.

I figure, I would've never caught up with these two great friends if it weren't for the inclement weather. In the old days, I would've been very frustrated in not being able to shoot but today I thank God and the rains for the change in plans. Nah, I really didn't mind the skies raining on my parade shoot. not at all.


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