Tuesday, May 6, 2008

These unbelievable past few days

Please accept my apologies for not having a photo to accompany this post. The past few days have been very heady for me. First, I've got an upcoming section feature and a spotlight article on a magazine for two issues in a row (sorry, can't divulge the name of the magazine yet).T hen, I just got word from another magazine interested in featuring one of my images. (thank you Lord!)

But the most mind-boggling thing is this -- just returned from a dinner with one of my closest buddies and guess what?H e's going to get hitched come December and hands down, I'm going to be the photog to cover the wedding. Hmmm, for the longest time, I've been really keeping my hands off wedding coverages because I feel it's not my forte and the pressure to produce the best results is really something else. But what wouldn't I do for a very good friend? I'm honored and flattered to be part of your most special day, bro. To be entrusted with documenting it in pictures is kinda mind-boggling to me right now, but thanks for the faith and congrats, I'll certainly do my very best.


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