Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chao Buoi Sang Vietnam!

Just got back from a week in Northern Vietnam with my buddy, ironwulf. Arrived at the office after just a few hours of sleep to a hefty workload. Will be flying north in a few days so I guess my Vietnam excursion account -- from the karst wonders of Halong Bay, the bustle of hanoi, to the foggy highlands of Sapa -- will have to wait until next week. Meanwhile, here's to sharing a breathtaking view from a high vantage point on the stretch of road to Ta Van, southwest of Sapa.I n our ruminations along the way, Ferdz and I shared a common view - we went all the way to Vietnam to appreciate what we have back home. To echo ironwulf, don't get me wrong, I liked Vietnam. But at the same time, i saw a lot of reminders of home -- Sagada and Cordilleras in the terraces of Sapa; Coron in the karsts-filled bay of Halong Bay. Anyway, more captures and stories to come. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, enjoy the view.


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