Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vietnam • Day 2 – Riding the overnighter to Lao Cai

Woke up to a drizzly morning that quickly changed to sunny as we partook of breakfast with our newfound friends. To fulfill obligations in the itinerary, we were later taken across an inland lagoon in a very short trip that left much to be desired. 

Dropping off at the handspan office in Hanoi post-lunch, it was a bit sad to see off our new friends. Train tickets in tow, we had a few hours to spare so we walked around Hanoi, ate the famous century-old grilled fish and noodles dish at the famous Cha Ca La Vong Restaurant for dinner and a post-dinner meal at Huo Guom Café near Hoan Kiem Lake. Then, it’s off to the train station onboard an overcharging taxi (tip: avoid the blue and green taxis) with a meter that seemed to work like a one-arm bandit, clicking after every few meters.

The station was a bedlam but we quickly found our train. It's going to be night of bumpy sleep from 9pm to 5am. Nevertheless, the softsleeper was cool and a bit comfortable. Tired and sleepy, I quickly met the sandman, knowing we have a full day ahead tomorrow.


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