Sunday, June 1, 2008

Pyro Olympics 08 - Fellowship

As early as 5pm, Ferdz and I staked out at the breakwater near the restaurant row of SM Mall of Asia. There were already a lot of early eager beavers who came armed and ready with their portable chairs, snacks and refreshments for the finale of this year's edition of the World Pyro Olympics. It was a good time to see friends i haven't seen in quite a while like Red, my Roxas buddy, as well as meet new ones like Allan B (nice meeting you finally bai). The program started on time but imho, the fellowship performance paled in comparison to the awesome displays of the previous weeks, especially that of Venezuela and Italy. I guess the people expected a longer display, and rightfully so.A fter all, isn't this the Fellowship of Fire? I think it lasted for like 10 minutes and the crowd hankered for more.

Come 8.45, we were expecting the announcement of the winner but never heard it. Not that the crowd was noisy, it was just the fact that the announcements seem haphazardly planned. At 9pm, Team Philippine's performance commenced.I t was short and sweet, making a statement that we're not going to fall behind in terms of creativity, visual magic and audience impact.

Of course, grabbing something to eat somewhere after the event is a matter of Pyro Olympic proportions, it being a payday weekend as well. We repaired to David's Teahouse till the crowd dispersed and getting out of the SM MOA complex became more sane. 

TEAM ITALY WON! Thanks to Joanne, I got the news that our favorite, Team Italy, won the competition. We missed the first weekend when Teams China and Australia participated so it's hard to say if italy, indeed, can win.


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