Sunday, June 1, 2008

Pyro Olympics 08 - Pinoy sparkles

The Philippines participated as guest in the Pyro Olympics. I wasn't around last year to witness the event but friends were saying the program last year was longer and more spectacular. Nevertheless, the host country put on a wonderful performance capped by a unique ending (which I didn't capture because I ran out of card memory). We staked our position at the breakwater near Pier One, very near the barge's location, early on but moved back because of the thick crowd. Here's an interesting take I captured during Team Philippines' performance where a cellphone-wielding member of the crowd seem to be holding a sparkler, producing a display that dazzled the crowds as much as the other participating countries did.


Random Ramblings said...

oo nga no?! parang si statue of liberty holding the torch =)

lagal[og] said...

serendipity lang talaga arlene because it's pretty hard to compose well with the moving crowd. talagang taking my chance lang ito.

Millie said...

Sayang ito ang namiss ko. last year nawitness ko ang philippine team, super ganda, with all the twirls and special effects, tska yun parang tadpole-like thingy sa display nila (sorry dont know how to describe them) pero thats how i remembered them kasi kakaiba. mausok lang that time pero matagal ang duration ng display nila. sayang talga, di ko nakita ito compare them. from your shots i must say they're Awesome! thanks for sharing ;)

lagal[og] said...

millie, bili na lang tayo ng lusis at kwitis, tapos punta tayo ng sm moa, para me sarili tayong pyro mini olympics :-)


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