Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Batanes • Night falls over Naidi

We went to Batanes for a photo assignment at a time when Luzon and the Visayas were being battered by Typhoon Frank. Much of the island province's power was on a blink, not due to the weather, but rather from disrepair. So jocas, Seair InFlight's affable art director, and I hiked to Naidi Hills armed only with my headlamp. Funny, we lost our way and found ourselves right smack in the town cemetery. Not that I would shirk night-shooting there. so here's sharing a shot of the iconic lighthouse of Naidi Hills. I've always shot it in broad daylight so it's a blast shooting it at nighttime. Would've loved to do a longer exposure set but with the unpredictable power supply, it's a gamble I can't afford to make. Next time, I will.


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