Saturday, July 12, 2008

Batanes • Waiting for the light

The boulders of Valugan serve as a dramatic backdrop of one of our studies for the Seair InFlight Magazine's cover.  Shooting here is always tricky, negotiating the boulders and finding a good position while simultaneously avoiding the intermittent splash of water. But the somewhat harsh lighting added to the drama. In this outtake, our model takes a moment to rest while all of us wait for the reluctant early morning sun to emerge from behind a veil of clouds.


escape said...

ang lalaki pala ng mga bato dyan. nice shoot bro. may ibang model ka na naman.

lagal[og] said...

hahaha dom, official model shoot ito, hahaha hindi sniping shot :-) valugan is iconic for its huge boulders which were spewed by mt. iraya

Millie said...

sarap tumambay dito. just watching the waves. nakakarelax talaga

lagal[og] said...

it really is millie. isa sa mga paboritong lugar ko ang valugan boulder beach. i always go here when i visit batanes whether to shoot or just watch the waves kiss the boulder-filled shore


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