Saturday, August 16, 2008

Faces of Vietnam

"Same same but different." to borrow my buddy, ironwulf's expression, this is one of the things I realized during our Northern Vietnam journey. One looks at the faces of our Vietnamese neighbors and it's almost like gazing at the same faces back home here in the Philippines. Like this old man in Ta Van in the Sapa Valley whom I stole a shot of as most locals are very conscious of cameras (difference: Pinoys practically embrace them, posing even without a cue).I n some ways this can be frustrating but on the other hand, the shy locals make for interesting subjects who don't assume Mr. Pogi poses as most Pinoys are wont to do.
Going through the small streets near the Old Quarters in Hanoi, we have plenty of subjects to capture save for the fact that it was perennially tricky to stay on the street and not be knocked over by an endless stream of motorcycles. (Point of same-ness: with the rising gas prices and popularity of motorbikes here in the Philippines, we may just end up commuting like the Vietnamese do). Venturing to the side streets, one can see slices of ordinary life like this kid in an alley. If it weren't for the Chinese script on the door, it would pass for a Pinoy kid somewhere in our country's own Chinatown.


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