Monday, September 1, 2008

Negros trip, day 1 - Back to Bacolod

The last time i was in bacolod, it was during a stopover on a Superferry trip to Cagayan de Oro enroute to Camiguin, around 3-4 years ago. I told myself then that i would probably devote a day or so to this city in the future and now, here we are. After landing in the nice, relatively new airport in Silay, we rode a taxi to Bacolod (approx. 45 min., php450 or 10 dollars) and promptly found our way to Bacolod Pension Plaza, many thanks to our efficient and friendly driver, Bebot.

As we took the earliest CebPac flight at 4.55am, we were in Bacolod by 7am and really needing some sleep. So breakfast waited until some shut-eye til 8.30. Not a lot of eating places were open before 9 so we had to content ourselves with Chinky's, a popular fastfood. By lunch, we ventured to Mambukal Resort, which lies at the base of the towering Mt. Kanlaon. (The trip via mini bus from the palengke took an hour, P35 pesos, meandering through rice and sugar fields). As one can expect, we had a food trip of chicken inasal, the popular local fare, eaten kamotan (or kamayan) style.

With the heavy meal, it was tempting to just laze around the rather nice resort and see the boating lagoon, camping grounds, sulphur vents and butterfly farm. But we wouldn't want to waste our precious vacation time so we went, with Rene, a local guide, to see the beautiful 7th falls of Mambukal.T he hike took almost an hour, crossing through several other falls as well as terraced and boulder-strewn fields, reminding us of our similar hike in Miag-ao's Bugsukan falls several months ago. we were rewarded by the beauty of the cascade as pictured above.

We were able to come back to the city proper by nightfall for a dinner of what else, but more chicken inasal, this time at the popular Lion's Park. with not much to night shoot and craving for ice cream at past 9pm (most of the establishments were closed at 8), we called an early lights-off. 

Tourist tips: If you're traveling with a group, it may be a better option to rent the entire taxi-van as you can have more room for your luggage, traveling from the Silay airport to downtown Bacolod. Taxi shuttles charge php150/person. Taxi-vans can be hired for P450-500; 45 minute - 1 hour travel time • Jeeps plying the downtown area charge P8 • mini-buses going to Mambukal charge P35/person, last trip going back to bacolod is at 5pmContact info: Mambukal Mountain Resort, Brgy. Minoyan, Murcia (034) 7100800


Anonymous said...

ganda ogs! did you use a tripod? with all that traveling para kasing ang bigat magdala ng tripod. pero for shots like this ang hirap magrisk especially for me na pasmado

lagal[og] said...

hi arlene, mandatory to bring tripods for long exposure shots. no matter how steady your hand kasi, the camera will shake. tapos, gamitan pa ng neutral density filter to soften the flow and avoid burnout, talagang mandatory to bring a tripod :-) it's a hassle at times pero you can't beat it for shots like this one

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing we decided to push further so we could see the best of all the seven falls. That was an exciting river-cross trek din. :D

Ganda ng bagsak ng falls on this shot.

lagal[og] said...

naku wulfriend, am awaiting your posts on this trip. am sure, worth the wait yan :-)

Anonymous said...

what a pristine pic. just dropping by to say hi!

Oman said...

whenever a see a phot of a falls, i can't help but to have this feeling of "i wanna go there and see it for my self". it is not just the falls i like but the trek and commune and the anticipation to see it as you walk through it. kasi alam naman natin na di talaga madali puntahan yung mga ganyan kagandang mga talon. been busy with work lately kaya titingin na lang muna ko sa adventures nyo nila ferdz at dom. galing. keep it up.

lagal[og] said...

thanks lori :-)

oman, habagat season din so venturing out of town is sort of experimenting, see whether one gets lucky or make do with the fickle weather doles out. this 7th falls is the farthest of all the mambukal falls and a bit hard to get to. but i guess the scenery makes it all worth it :-D


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