Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Finding inner peace in Sagada

At any time of the day, the little noises here and there - the distant gleeful shouts of children playing, the billowing of pine tree leaves, or the howling of the wind as it blows through the forests of echo valley -- dissipate into an deep, intense kind of stillness. So much so that the quiet deafens. It's the kind of silence that either unnerves one or puts oneself into a higher state of placidity.

Finding ourselves in Sagada over the weekend, it was a blessing to experience such state of peace again. Away from the noise of urbanity, we can hear our thoughts loud and clear, akin to meditating.

It's my fourth time here (same with my best buddy, Ironwulf) and it was wonderful to just chill out and as Ferdz said in his blog, let photography take a backseat for a change. I personally took time to just let my mind wander, to drink in the deafening quietness, to let the hours pass without regard to the time of day. To nourish the mind as well as feed the gut, to give the palate time to relish the mountain-grown coffee and tea. To appreciate the luminous light that makes the scenery glow after the rains. Even with the threat of the after-effects of storm Marce, we were amply rewarded with things apart from a good capture. (Photo detail: taken on a stopover in Kibungan, Benguet, enroute to Bontoc)


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