Monday, September 29, 2008

Sagada - Local color

Up in the highlands of the north, the cool weather prompts locals and guests alike to wrap themselves up in warm clothing. As the elevation goes up, the temperature drops. Factor in the wind chill brought about by a recent storm and you've got the ingredients for chattering teeth or worse, hypothermia. We found this old lady at the first stopover out from Sagada and her colorful garb (and as Dom noted, her body tattoo exposed on her right hand) caught our eyes even through the dense fog enveloping anything and everything.On the other hand, kids will be kids, anywhere you go. these Sagada kids are no exception, Shy at first but all-smiles the next second.T hese are some of the eye candies we had on our road trip; true, they may not be wearing that branded clothing but what they're wearing is priceless -- genuine expressions and warm welcoming smiles.


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