Friday, October 31, 2008

Good morning Borongan!

The sun begins its ascent earlier during this time of the year. As the yellows and reds take over the blues, there are some of us already up and about to witness the transition from dark to light, cold to warm. While i have to get a headstart on the sunrise perchance to capture the fleeting moment of the night surrendering to the morning, Manong here gets a headstart on gathering wood for fuel before the day gets kindling hot.

I'm sharing this sunrise capture of a wood gatherer in Divinubo island off Borongan, Eastern Samar in lieu of my selected takes until the Seair InFlight issue comes out in december. Just another day, another sunrise on the deserted side of this lovely island. 

Travel info: Divinubo Island is 30 minute-banca ride away from Brongan, Eastern Samar; one can ride a banca from the town of Lalawigan, roughly a 20-25 minute drive from Borongan City proper Accommodations: very popular with the locals for its proximity, it has huts for day promenaders and cottages for overnighters • views & Recreation: the lighthouse on the eastern flank has an expansive view of the Pacific. The shore is lined with rocks and karsts, making the island unsuitable for surfing but great for swimming and snorkeling (and of course, photography)• Power: Electricity is available on a fixed schedule so be prepared with fully-charged cameras or gear.


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