Thursday, October 9, 2008

The rice is right

The rice crisis in recent memory brought to the fore a staple that a lot of us may have taken for granted. the country's rice production, For one, was put into question. Ssome sectors said it was a matter of more prudent rice consumption. Still others questioned why our country, which used to be among the world's top producers, is now importing rice. Some quarters said it was due to global warming. Fastfood outlets and restaurants pitched in with half-orders of rice in the menu. Other marketing-savvy establishments pitched in with rice alternatives.B ut clearly, there was a problem boiling over somewhere.

I'm no sociologist or expert but as an observer, I'd skip the arguments and instead, focus on what I've observed in the highlands. For years now, there have been talks and stories about how the current generation has veered away from farming, lured by jobs and the promise of a better life in the cities and elsewhere. Watching the terraces makes one ponder that no matter how important one's job is, the basics like rice farming are really far more vital to our existence.I  was born into a family with farming roots and when I was younger, I can't imagine why on earth my late father wanted to go back to the fields after my siblings and I finish schooling. Now, I find myself in this position of dreaming of having a farm and putting my green thumb to better use. In any case, I dedicate this post to the rice farmers. their daily toil under the sun and rain makes it possible for us to enjoy our platefuls of rice each and every day.


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