Sunday, October 12, 2008

Carriedo cafe

The fair weather last saturday afternoon was too inviting not to venture out; shooting though was farthest from my mind. after all, ironwulf and I ventured to Hdalgo for supplies for my upcoming photo assignment but seeing this lady having a leisurely coffee break on the fountain in front of the Sta. Church and the arch leading to Ongpin Street was too good to pass up. We befriended her and found out she's Aling Ajer Villamor, a 50-something sweet lady from Las PiƱas who just misses the Carriedo marker from her youth. She tells us, afternoons after her prayer meetings in Sta. Cruz find her here, enjoying the busy downtown scene and reminiscing about the good ole days. I think her carefree attitude, unmindful of what the passing pedestrians and commuters would think, reminds me of a time when i was younger, when I wouldn't mind eating and drinking my baon near this very spot. Anyway, Aling Ajer's coffee may not be from Starbucks or some swanky coffee outlet but the way she's enjoying each and every sip with deliberate slowness and enjoyment, I'd like to think it's the best coffee in the world. And no, she would never exchange this sentimental spot for any air conditioned, uptown coffee place.


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