Monday, November 17, 2008

Magandang morning Marinduque!

We left on a Friday afternoon for Marinduque, an island group at the fringe of Luzon, taking a bus trip I would remember more for the waiting than the actual length of hours on the road and on the sea (but more on that in a future post). I'm only feeling the deep-seated fatigue settling only now having spent 11 hours alternately idling and moving but i'm only too happy to have gone out of town again after almost two months of staying put here in the city (blame it on the weather and the skeds). This is true specially considering that time and again, Ive bypassed Marinduque since it seems to be just nearby and the opportunity to explore it never came by until ironwulf broached the idea.S o here's a opener for my Marinduque posts, a picture of dawn breaking at Gaspar island off the southwestern coast. I hope to be able to paint a good picture of how our 48 hours in Marinduque went.


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