Sunday, December 21, 2008

Borongan: Of handmade skimboards, big waves and swelling dreams

The wind picks up speed as the sun begins its descent. The waves whip the shore with mounting force and increasing frequency. With the stronger breeze comes a deepening chill. But this doesn't dissuade a handful of young men, most barely out of their teens, from coming out and challenging the waves.Meeting them up close, you can see that inspite of the ragged contours, there was a lot of polished craftmanship that went into the skimboards. Each is handcrafted from wood and painted (or left bare) to reflect each person's individuality. It wasn't hard to spot the leader of the pack, Roderick Bazar who's more known as Manoy. The moving force behind the Borongan Skimmers Club, he organized this team only a few years ago but you wouldn't know it as they have already been competing in tournaments. 

boronganon skimboarders are slowly making a name for themselves, competing alongside and learning from their surigao peers. the members dream of getting sponsors to afford fiberglass skimboards which are lighter and sturdier. but for the time being, their wooden boards and unbridled passion will be enough to tide them over.As the sun dips lower the horizon, the bigger waves they were waiting for do not come. But they are patient.T omorrow, as sure as the sun rises, they will be back with their handmade boards and dreams of bigger swells to come.  

Quick info: Best time to skimboard/surf: November to January • Other skimboarding spots nearby: Suribao, Locso-on, Sabang South • For tutorials/skimboard rentals, call Manoy at 0927.4028222 or Salabay Skim Shop, F. Abella Street at 0918.2173408


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