Friday, December 26, 2008

Eating Alisuso, Tuwad and Cupapa in Borongan

If the holidays are made for eating, then Borongan is the place to go for a daily serving of holiday eating. why not when food is plentiful and the treats are delicious, belying the province's ranking among the impoverished ones in the country.Being a coastal province, the variety of seafood is impressive.F or starters, there's the unusual-looking cupapa (rock lobsters); once you get past the funky appearance and into the shell, you'll discover the juicy, tender meat inside. On an island hop to Divinubo, we had banagan (petite lobster) crawling on our table before a hearty lunch. Want shellfish? You got plenty to choose from, like the ganga (spider conch) which tastes like escargot and tuwad (tiny conical shellfish) which is usually served stewed in coconut cream and ginger.Meat lovers are in for a special treat as siony aparejabo serves lechon, bisaya-style. We woke up at the crack of dawn to get a glimpse of how this special treat is prepared: the pig is stuffed with lemongrass, garlic cloves, onions, bay leaves and a secret sauce then slowly pit-roasted. The skin comes out very crispy while the meat has a hint of salt and herbs. no need for sauce here.Sweet tooths won't get disappointed as well as there are lots of kakanins (native sweet treats) like bakintol, suman (rice treats) laced with chocolate and wrapped in banana leaves; alisuso, a pyramid-shaped treat made from ground rice, young coconut and anise. There's also this curiosity: doughnuts made from sweet potato flour among so many other treats. if you love to eat, then Borongan is suited to satisfy your appetite for food adventures.


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