Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just passing through: Zamboanga's eats

Next to the people and the views, there's nothing that Lagalog digs more than the foodscape. my travel buddy, ironwulf, has been here in Zamboanga City before and is very familiar with the must-eats.S o when we're not out shooting, you can be sure we're sampling the food. 

(Eager for more servings of Alavar's, Jimmy's Satti, and Hai San restaurants? Do visit for the more complete account.Staying at Amil's Pension Inn on Pilar Street means we were just steps away from the best satti around -- Jimmy's. The grilled chicken or beef with tamuh or rice in a chilli-curry sauce was a breakfast staple for a lot of ZamboangeƱos as the crowds that continuously stream in during the morning hours attest.

Also high up on the list is tasting the much coveted Curacha (spiny crustacean that appears to be a hybrid of sea crab and spiny lobster) at Alavar's along Don Alfaro St. in Tetuan. It's not cheap at 600php++ for the big order but boy, was it really a treat. Eaten with the hands (kamotan-style), the meat is lavished with the Alavar coconut-based sauce, so much so that it's easy to forget your diet.For Chinese fare, a stopover at Hai San is a must, as most locals will recommend. A seafood market-restaurant, Hai-San is very clean and very inviting.I t's a popular eating place for locals of Chinese descent and that alone is a great incentive to try it when you're here in Zambo.Foodies info:  Alavar's Seafood House, Don Alfaro St., Tetuan, tel. 991.6806 • Jimmy's Satti, Pilar St., tel. 993.2254/991.9983 • Hai San Seafood House, San Jose Road, tel. 991.5506/992.1062


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