Saturday, February 28, 2009

More smiles: The faces of Tawi-Tawi

Traveling around the country, one can find a wide diversity of customs and traditions, dialects and languages. It's been said that the great impediment to the Filipino's unity is our diversity. While O tend to somehow see the connection, O am somewhat of a believer in the fact that where languages fail, a simple gesture like a warm, heartfelt smile can help us find a connection.In the end, it matters not if one is rich or poor, Muslim or Christian. Deep inside, we are all Filipinos and our smiling countenance and friendly spirit will shine through.


escape said...

this is what i really anticipate when it comes to your post.

i like the last part in this post.>>> "in the end, it matters not if one is rich or poor, muslim or christian. deep inside, we are all filipinos and our smiling countenance and friendly spirit will shine through."

Oman said...

nice to see smile in their faces. :)

Lantaw said...

the filipinos are a "smiling people", we smile even in the face of adversity. ganda ng mga captures mo dito bai

lagal[og] said...

dom, i think naman kasi bro na traveling means more than just pretty pictures but also reaching out to our brothers and sisters out there.

oman, the best thing is that these are genuine smiles and expressions, not just put-on for the cameras.

allan, totoo yan bai. napakamasayahin ng pinoy. sa dami ng problema natin, nakukuha pa nating ngumiti at tumawa.

escape said...

i agree oggie. im learning more good things from you.

Anonymous said...

Kakatuwa talaga mga bata dyan. Todo pose talaga pag nakakita ng camera.

Anonymous said...

really great smiles set, made me smile, too :)

Loyva said...

In all actuality, my friend, it is in diversity that we find ourselves united because what we really share is the fact that we are all so different from one another. It binds us in such a way that we feel kinship with each other despite our glaring differences. It is a universal paradox that just exhibits how humanity, above all else, transcends heterogeneity.

lagal[og] said...

dom, and i'm also learning from you as well.

wulferdz, naku, amigo, sobrang nakakatuwa nga. halos di nako makaalis dun sa puwesto nila.

ivy, thanks so much for dropping by and sharing a smile :)

lloyva, true, true. if only more people think the same way, the world can be a more peaceful place to live in.


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