Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mingalaba Myanmar!

myanmar guidebook and mementoesUp to the last few days before my Myanmar trip, I wasn’t so sure of making it because of work. Oh, I made booking arrangements and research as early as January. But it boiled down to last minute developments to determine if I'm traveling overseas or like last year, be staying in Manila for the holy week. I must admit, this trip is special to me since it would be my first solo backpacking trip in two years. If ever, it would be a week of being incommunicado as there are no mobile phone interconnections over there. Internet connection is reportedly spotty according to accounts and on the expensive side. (talk about a lenten sacrifice of no-internet, no-mobile phone for a week)

In short, God gave me the opportunity to go and explore this southeast asian neighbor. I feel blessed to make the trip and bring home more than just souvenirs but also lasting impressions, memories, and hopefully, a nice enough set of travel images to share with family and friends. travel with me to Myanmar in the upcoming posts and together, let’s say mingalaba (hello/good day), Myanmar!


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