Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ruminations on the stopover enroute to Imugan

With hardly any sleep (perhaps because of excitement of traveling out of town again after nearly four months of staying put), we made a stopover at Cabanatuan to pass by and pick up a blogger friend, Oman, who'll join us in our trip to Imugan. It made the trip easier with time to spare for a leisurely breakfast before going to Santa Fe where we will wait for the 11 o'clock jeep going to Imugan. If i heard it right, there are only two trips going to this forest town and this one is the only one in the morning so we'd better not miss it.nueva vizcaya santa fe waiting shed sceneI always find it comforting to talk to the locals as it's a nice way to meet new people and immerse oneself in the atmosphere of the place. This is especially since i've passed by Nueva Vizcaya before enroute to Tuguegarao but has never really considered to go here on purpose. Stops are sort of a microcosm of life, a reflection of town life as well as of life itself. we're all on a journey to somewhere, waiting for our transport to take us someplace. Life is indeed a journey because come to think of it, age doesn't excuse or exempt us from moving around and going somewhere else.nueva vizcaya lola at the bus stop


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