Sunday, September 20, 2009

Catanduanes: faces of Puraran

catanduanes mang domingo abaca farmerWe only had a day to spend in Puraran as our itinerary was only 3-days long and we're taking advantage of promo fares during the weekday (airfare jacks up to double, even quadruple during the weekends) but we weren't short on fun. Along the way we met interesting people (and lots of friendly dogs as well). going up the hill from Puraran to look for cold soda to quench our thirst, we met Mang Domingo, an abaca farmer. He was out drying his batch of abaca fibers for selling to the market. a kilo fetch like P25 he said, lower than in recent years, but still he continues this trade.puraran doggie at the doorWandering around, we met the barangay captain, Aling Celia, who owns Puting Baybay resort. She turned out to be the aunt of Aireen, who in turn, runs Majestic Puraran Inn. Small world indeed. Back home at Majestic, we were greeted by European surfer-types who were there, hoping for a bit of bad weather and the excellent surf that comes with it.puraran surfer boyBut the guest we really got into a deeper story-swapping mode was the one we least expected to. Jun is an ex-advertising/magazine executive from Yokohama. She was also the lone woman among the guests. We got to share the jeep with here on our way back to Virac and it's remarkable to see a woman traveling alone. She was going to catch the ferry to Tabaco, Albay and we gladly shared with her destinations to look into for her one-month vacation. I hope and pray she reached her destination safely and find her Philippine vacation a great one., lest I forget, we had our share of friendly dogs on every trip and this one is not any different. We had Brad, the amiable fellow of Majestic as well as a coterie of dogs who were just too happy to meet another guest to play with.


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