Saturday, September 12, 2009

Having coffee, taking a break, looking at life ahead

intramuros silahis crafts masks statues and mug of coffeeIt was raining one weekday and having a bit of time on my hands, Iwent to Intramuros with my buddy as an usi (kibitzer) during a shoot. I'm making a transition to my new life phase as a freelance photographer and writer and i guess this is one of the luxuries of that - seeing a bit of Manila that i was too harried to look at before. So here i am, an observer instead of a shooter (save for these two images I had to borrow my friend's camera for), a bum instead of an office worker (for the time being). As i write this, i'm off to an out of towner before work (and the new phase of my professional life) takes over.intramuros silahis crafts picasso face


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