Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Manila Bay Watch: Priceless scenes from the bay

It doesn't take a photographic eye to admire Manila Bay's beauty especially when it's near dusk and one can't see the trash (and effluent) that the waves carry out to sea. Haven't we all been reared with the beyond cliche thinking that the Bay sunset is something that belongs to postcards? Truth be told, with the prevalence of cameras -- in mobile phones, in point and shoots -- getting a slice of this glorious light and shadow play that happens everyday (save for the stormy days) can be as easy as making oneself present when the opportunity arises.
Prologue. The performance begins with a fleeting prologue when the sun dips behind a bank of clouds with the spectator not knowing whether it would make its grand re-entry again before it makes a final curtain call.  Some days it will, other days it leaves without fanfare, the spectator eager to come back another day and try his luck.
Intermission. In the fading light, there are some things that reveal their beauty, oftentimes these are things that aren't beautiful in the conventional sense.  Like a solitary buoy.  A drifting wood. Or this post of The Manila Ocean Park that shows the weathering caused by the elements.
Epilogue. The conclusion happens when the night settles in.  The moon takes centerstage with its full pompous glimmer, bathing the cityscape with an almost eerie light.  As we walk home away from the bay, the clouds roll by and the "little suns" in every home and building light up. The sun may be gone but life goes on way after darkness settles in.


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