Thursday, December 31, 2009

Two blue moons, fireworks and a fervent prayer bode for a good 2010

New Year's Eve Lamp and LightsHere's to starting the new year with good vibes. To begin with, there's a blue moon (actually, two -- this January and March) rising. Contrary to what the term connotes, a blue moon doesn't mean we'll literally be seeing a blue-colored moon. Rather, it's a second full moon to occur in a single month.
New Year's Eve Blue MoonAccording to the Inquirer, there was a full moon last December 2; it appeared again last night in time for the new year's countdown in North & South America, Europe and Africa. But since the Philippines is eight hours ahead of universal (erstwhile GMT) time, the second full moon lapsed into January 1. Technically, it's not a real blue moon (at least for the month of December) but fret not since there's a real blue moon coming this January 30 and another set on March 1 and 30. In any case, a blue moon on a New Year's eve (and its consequence, a double blue moon for the calendar year) happens only once every 19 years. So does this mean we can rephrase the popular expression to "twice in a blue moon"?
Angel High KeyAnyway, let's offer a prayer and look to the heavens for inspiration and good vibes this 2010. As modern as we are, we still look skywards, whether mesmerized by celestial bodies or awed by fireworks, in our search for guidance through this journey we call life. I wish you dear reader a blessings-filled journey through 2010.


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