Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Boracay: A Tale of Two Sunsets

I gravitate towards the mountains more than the sea which probably explains why I never really yearned much for Boracay.  Funny that I've gone to other places for assignments but never to this much-written and much-talked about island until very recently.
My assignment was just two and a half days long but it was enough for me to see two different moods, two different sunsets.  Both are beautiful in their own way.  Boracay is postcard-pretty to begin with, in whatever weather, though blue skies, a blindingly white beach and the clear, turquoise waters hold a natural attraction for visitors.
Call it a byproduct of climate change, January is supposed to be all-sunny and fair with a guarantee of good, if not great sunsets but it was raining and sunny, then rainy again the afternoon I arrived.  But landscapists learn how to deal with whatever weather nature provides us with, good or stormy. 
In theory, there is no such thing as bad weather as nature's moods gives the viewer (and the photographer) a chance to see the place in a different light.  One more good thing about welcoming the rains is the clean, glistening skies and seashore that follows the day after, kind of akin to what the popular expression says about having glorious sunshine after the rains. More on a landlubber's take on Boracay in my next post.


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