Sunday, May 22, 2011

Backpack Photography: Portraits from Batad and Bangaan

Bangaan - Apo Juma BW
95 year old Apo Chumoh of Bangaan Village
For a change, I'll let the portraits speak for themselves with only a terse anecdote to accompany each one. A look back at the faces of people we've met in Batad and Bangaan.

Batad - Aling Ana BW
Aling Ana of Batad
We met Aling Ana on one of the stopovers on the trail from the village to the saddle of Batad. Her posture and regal bearing belie her age, her English coherent. But most of all, she offered a warm smile that fueled us for the trek back to the saddle.
Batad - Mang Ben Profile BW
Apo Ben of Batad
Trekkers to Tappia Falls will usually see Apo Ben in the lone open-walled hut in the middle of the amphitheater selling some souvenirs and gamely posing for pictures.  I'm not big on souvenirs, especially when a picture of Apo Ben is worth a thousand words.
Bangaan - Young Beauty BW
Young cultural performer of Bangaan
Watching the cultural performance by the young students of Bangaan village, I was struck by this comely dancer.  The shy smile offered to strangers like us was genuine and heartfelt.
Bangaan - Smiling Children and Smiling Dog BW
All-smiles -- kids and dogs alike!


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