Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sunday inspiration

Simple interface, meaningful words, inspiring images
Over three years ago, I had a Sunday's Best blog as my way of giving back to my faith.  However, many things -- lack of readership, work and other preoccupations -- got in the way.  In the interim, I was always wondering what my ministry could be as a Christian first and as a writer-photographer second.  Call it another epiphany or reawakening, I thought I heard a voice telling me that it's been right in front of me all along.  So with renewed faith, I am bringing back my faith blog, this time as a photo-narrative site, Sunday-Divine-Inspirations.

The net is being used to peddle so much worldliness that it sometimes feel like God is being left out in cyberspace.  So why not do my humble part and share the Sunday Gospel accompanied by my images to provide some Sunday inspiration?   If the spirit moves you, you, dear reader, can right-click the image and use the image as your desktop image to inspire you for the week ahead.  From time to time, I would also share some links and content I think would be worth imparting to readers.  So, shall I see you this Sunday and every Sunday thereafter?  Shalom and God bless you!


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