Monday, January 23, 2012

Lagalog celebrates 8

Binondo Balloon Man
Balloon man along Ongpin on Chinese New Year 2012
If you asked me way back in 2004 what I would be doing in 2012, I really wouldn't have any clue.  I wouldn't even know if I would still be writing, shooting and chronicling my travels online which in retrospect, is really a time-consuming endeavor.  But thank God because here I am, still blogging and plugging away, even through career changes and mixed fortunes.  Oh, every year is different and every year is no easier than the last one.  Finding inspiration to keep on going doesn't get any easier but thankfully, the process can be cathartic, nay even reinvigorating to one's spirits.  Yeah, there were times when I thought of just quitting but miraculously, circumstances just present themselves that allow me to go on.  Besides, I enjoy sharing the insights and experiences, hoping that they will be of help to somebody else, taking comfort in the fact that this may be my little contribution to the world at large.

As I walked through Manila's Chinatown with friends celebrating with our Chinese and Chinoy brethren, allow me to take this opportunity to celebrate eight years of and thank God, my family, all my friends, my travel buddies, all my readers and all who have, in one way or another, been a part of this site.  God bless you all more than you can ever imagine.


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