Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lenten Ruminations

Go Hotels Puerto Princesa Immaculate Conception Cathedral Angel
Angel welcomes the faithful to the Immaculate Conception Church in Puerto Princesa
Holy Week in the Philippines has come to mean a much-needed break from work or from school.  Can't blame the throngs of people who flock to the beaches or hie off to the provinces to escape from the hum-drum of everyday life.  However, it would also help to remember to use the time to escape from the banality of everyday existence, from materialism, from worldliness.

Personally, the Lenten season to me is more about fasting from anger, envy and hatred than from physical food.  While I will be working for the Holy Week, I will take to heart the message of the Holy Bible that our Savior came down to earth, became human, died for our transgressions, and rose again to conquer death.  In the words of a popular Hillsong hymn, it is a "Beautiful Exchange", so much so that no matter what I'm going through at the moment, it is something I ought to be thankful for.  A blessed and meaningful Easter to all.


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