Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tune Hotels in Angeles: In tune with the times

Tune Hotel Angeles T&B Glass Door
The frosted glass door of the T&B is a very nice touch
Oh we live in interesting times. Even as the world's economies are in a constant flux, travel seems to have become a necessary luxury. Whether it's to pursue opportunities or escape momentarily from a stressful workplace/living space, more and more people are on the move, thanks in large part to budget airlines and more affordable accommodations. With the explosion of travel info on the net and in printed matter, there's also a broadening of options for travelers of all shapes, sizes and persuasions.   In a way, the hard times have led travel establishments to be creative and inventive, no longer content with offering a one-size, fits all package for all travelers.  I think in the end, we travelers and our pockets are the winners.
Tune Hotel Angeles Facade
Painting Angeles red assumes a new meaning
A question right off the bat: Is Tune Hotels for you? I can only speak for myself and my traveling style but I like the one in Angeles City where we got billeted in prior to the maiden flight of AirAsia Philippines to Davao City a few weeks back. I may be a backpacker 70-80% of the time but I refuse being boxed and stereotyped into the label as I sometimes splurge on some things during a trip (massage, some souvenirs), budget-allowing. However, a flashpacker I am not. In fact, one of my usual dilemmas is the choice of accommodations. Get a super-comfy, nay indulgent, room and I may be compelled to stay in-room longer than I should. Get a really cheap place and sacrifice some things such as comfort and security (this second one is non-negotiable for me as a photographer who carry gear most of the time).   Most of the time though, I'd rather choose a comfy enough place and save my money for something else.
Tune Hotel Angeles - Double Bed Warm
Warm, cozy, comfy
Space: the final frontier. Happily, Tune Hotels sit in the middle of the chasm between opulent and flat-out cheap.  Far from pricey especially if you book well ahead yet very comfy. I've overhead some laments on space concerns but I'm alright with the compact size of the room we got. The layout is efficient, access to my stuff is easy.   The color scheme is subdued and conducive to resting, especially with the night light/reading light on.

The pricing game. One curious sign of the times is the pricing scheme of Tune Hotels. Think of it as ordering food from a restaurant -- you only pay for what you ordered and actually used. If you chill easily, you can forego the air conditioning and shave your bill. Brought your own toiletries? Then opt out on the toiletries. Not surfing the Internet? Opt out on the Wi-Fi.   On the other hand, you can choose the add-ons that you want.  I call this tailoring the services to what I need at the moment and it's really in tune with the times.  For example, if I had a way, I wouldn't surf the internet to check emails while on a trip but realistically, my freelance work depends on it. So most of the time, I need the internet access.  But for the times I can do without it, I certainly wouldn't want to pay extra for something I won't use anyway.

Amenities, amenities, amenities. The 32" Sharp Flat Screen TV was a pleasant surprise along with the HD programs. The air conditioning is quiet and efficient. The bed is firm, the sheets clean and the blanket thick enough to ward off the midnight chill though the pillows can use more firmness and plumpness. The acrylic night stand is a nice touch though I would've appreciated a phone/intercom so I can call the front desk should I have problems with the Wi-Fi signal without having to go out to the lobby on the second floor. There were enough electrical outlets to plug my chargers (four, counting the one in the T&B and for the hairdryer). The folding desk is utilitarian though it seem a bit out of place. The curtains were heavy enough to dampen the sounds of traffic from the road.  Another well-appreciated touch:  the warm white reading light by the headboard (I usually read before going to sleep even during trips and one thing I noticed is that so many places omit this so kudos to Tune Hotels for this).
Tune Hotel Angeles T&B Wash Area
Compact, streamlined T&B

Tune Hotel Toiletries
The familiar Tune/AirAsia red
Talking about T&B. The use of frosted glass doors for the toilet and bath is a good choice -- no need to second guess if someone's inside. Size- and layout-wise, the T&B is compact yet streamlined and functional.  Lighting is good and adequate.  The compact size of the T&B in the room where we got billeted eliminated the use of a sliding door but I've heard that some rooms have it (it will come in very handy to allow multiple use of the T&B especially during tummy emergencies).

Location, location, location.  We tried out the Tune Hotel in Angeles City as we have to be at the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport in Clark very early in the morning for the maiden flight of AirAsia Philippines to Davao City a few weeks ago.  Located on  Friendship Road near the entrance of the Clark Freeport Zone, it is just minutes (as well as a very short ride) away from the airport.  A good (and economical) idea if you want to avoid the rush from Manila.  There's a nearby 7-Eleven for provisions; the SM Mall inside the freeport zone is just a short ride away as with establishments in the town proper.  There are also restaurants/eating places in the periphery including a 24 hour kitchen we spotted along the road.  There's vehicular traffic along Friendship Road but inside the room, it's quiet enough to rest and if need be, work.

For more info or to book: visit www.tunehotels.com/philippines. Right now, Tune Hotel has three locations in the Philippines: Manila (Ermita), Cebu and Angeles with plans of opening up more within the year.  The Angeles City location has 165 rooms spread across 10 floors, 123 of which are double rooms, with 42 as twin rooms. 


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