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Cocoon Boutique Hotel: A Very Bed Experience of being Cocooned

Cocoon Poolside Beauty
Poolside at Cocoon Hotel
I'm familiar with thread count but not really that particular.  I have not outgrown my sleeping preference -- flat on the wooden floor with only a banig (grass or pandan mat) separating me from the ground.  In my hikes, I've been known to sleep on rocks so you can say I can sleep practically anywhere.  Every once in a while though, I welcome a bit of variety.  In the case of Cocoon, it's a 180 degree turn -- from a banig to a fantastical, whimsical cocoon dreamily-concocted by a writer of one of 'em luxe magazines while crossing the threshold of lucidity.  Philippine Daily Inquirer writer, Marge Enriquez, detailed it wonderfully so in her piece "400-thread count linens, pillows whose supportive core is surrounded by soft down, and a mattress with pocket springs that follow the contours of the body... the bed's antibacterial memory foam wards off dust mites that breed allergies."
Cocoon Headboard Details
Headboard and headrest details
The hotel's affable consultant, Annie Convocar, says the sleep experience has earned Cocoon a reputation for "having the softest, most comfortable bed in the Philippines."  I wasn't really scheduled to sleep over when I visited as 1) I was sick the week and a half of the assignment's duration, and 2) I had a shoot plus other commitments the next day.   But really, who can resist the opportunity to put the hotel's acclaim to the test?  To loosely borrow the popular saying, "the proof of the resting is in the sleeping."  And admittedly, I can benefit from the rest.
Cocoon Lounge Wings Chair
Wing chairs in the lobby "envelop" the guest
Well, I somehow regretted sleeping overnight since I have to shoot and leave early the next morning.  The few hours to indulge in the you-have-to-lie-on-it-to-believe-it comfort of the bed is nowhere enough to soak in (sink in?) the experience.  I'm normally wary of hotel beds as some can be too springy or too soft so Cocoon's pliable yet firm bed is very much welcome.  Ditto the hug-worthy pillows.  Pardon me for dwelling on the bed (pun intended) but the sleep experience, to me, is at the core of the hotel's existence.  After all, if it doesn't live up to the name, then no amount of making up for it in the other aspects or services can suffice (on the other hand, the warmth, helpfulness and eagerness of the hotel staff really merit mentioning).  
Cocoon Cozy Bed with View of T&B
Studio room view
I know this is first and foremost a boutique hotel that prides itself for being green (hence the tag that hints at sustainable, responsible luxury) but since Marge already wrote the details at length, I won't even try and repeat them.  In any case, the room that comes with the bed bears mention and scrutiny.  It's not a usual thing that you'd want to go barefoot in a hotel room (I'm not a fan of carpeted floors, no matter how often they're cleaned) but the use of recycled/salvaged hardwood for the flooring actually encourages you to forego the slippers and let your feet make an acquaintance with the smooth wood.  I also liked that I can open the blinds in the T&B and watch TV while doing my ablutions or taking a shower.  Up on the rooftop, having breakfast by the small pool and the vertical garden of organically-grown vegetables, I appreciate the relative quiet of the location.  The only drawback I can see in having such a comfortable bed and wonderful room is the temptation to keep (over)staying indoors when I can be outside exploring.  A happy dilemma, if you ask me.

Cocoon Hotel is located at 61 Scouts Tobias and Rallos, Brgy. Laging Handa in Quezon City.  For more details, visit, Tel. 921.2706 • Many thanks to Ms. Annie Convocar for graciously facilitating my shoot and stay weeks ago on a short notice.


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