Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lagalog Celebrates Nine Years: 1,414 thanks for 1,414 Posts

Lagalog @ Nine
A collage of memories
I can't help but wax nostalgic everytime this site turns a year older.  Sort of like having a child and watching him grow.  With the way things are nowadays, having come to a ninth year milestone is certainly no mean feat.  I don't know where I plucked the patience to keep at it though over time, blogging became a force of habit, an avenue to exercise my writing, practice my shooting, and tap into my creative well.  Oh, there were times I wanted to quit but somehow, circumstances worked together towards making me forge on.  

When I first started writing in 2004 (not really about travel but mundane stuff), the world seems a tad different.  Nokia was king of the mobile phone heap (it would take another three years before the iPhone arrived).   The 4th generation iPod, the first with the iconic click wheel, boasted of a then-impressive 40Gig hard drive.   The Macbook of the day, the iBook, topped out at 1.33GHz processing power and 60GB storage.  The 6 megapixel Nikon D70 got introduced that year but it was expensive and at the at time, I had no inkling I will be going into photography at all.  Blogging was sort of, a newfangled thing to do.  Wi-fi, touchscreen phones, tablets were nowhere in the public consciousness.   Air travel wasn't as affordable then.

Fastforward nine years later, after a change of career, a religious epiphany, thousand of miles traveled, hundreds of places visited, a good number of enduring friendships made.   These days, I'm not traveling as much owing to work and other commitments but that's life.  That also makes every trip special. Circumstances also give me a more mature perspective as a traveler: I travel on my own terms, not to compete with regards to seeing so-and-so number of places in my lifetime and attempting to make each trip a destination smorgasbord replication of "The Amazing Race".  

I would've loved to have a much bigger reader base but on hindsight, having the readers and viewers I have now and having come as far as I have, I have come to terms with how things are.  Along the way, I've met friends, made acquaintances that I treasure.  From time to time, I get encouraging words from people I've only met online and in all sincerity, I admit those kept me going especially when times were tough. Only Yahweh God knows what's in store for the future so I pray that He will favor me so I can keep writing, traveling and sharing.  Thank You so much Lord.  Thank you friends for keeping me company. And I thank you, dear reader, for being a part of nine years of blogging.


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