Monday, November 25, 2013

Lagalog's Island of Intrigue Featured in Royal Brunei Airlines' Muhibah Magazine

Muhibah Feature Opening Spread
Muhibah Nov-Dec 2013 Cover
Corregidor Island, located just 48 kilometers away in Cavite province, is a mere 45-60 minute boatride from Metro Manila. But the trip may as well be a journey to a distant century; an island ravaged by war and left in ruins as a memorial to the nation’s many wars and its savagery. 

Corregidor Island played an important role in the Philippines’ history and was one of the islands that formed the harbour defenses that protected Manila Bay during World War II. Today, the lofty island attracts interest of a different kind – those who want to discover the nation’s past and visit the many war relics and monuments that remain. 

Our visit today was led by Ivan ManDy of Old Manila Walks, who once hosted Anthony Bourdain through the food trails of Manila’s Chinatown. ManDy calls this walking tour ‘Of Bombs, Big Guns and Lost Gold!’ and promised to give guests more than just a lesson in history. 

Read the complete article in the November - December 2013 issue of Muhibah Magazine, the inflight magazine of Royal Brunei Airlines.  Visit the site here.


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